Our Clinic

Partnership with our Patients

Optimum oral health arises out of a partnership that we develop with our patients. We are committed to providing accurate and reliable information to assist our patients in making a choice for their oral health based on their unique needs.

Our dentists will present all treatment options available and the benefits and limitations of each to help our patients make a confident decision regarding their oral health.

Part of preventing dental conditions includes regular professional dental care and a commitment to take good care of your smile at home. We thrive when our patients thrive. We are happy to discuss lifestyle habits that impact your oral health and to demonstrate proper techniques to care for the teeth and gums.

We strive to develop long-term relationships with the families we serve. Our providers are committed to earning trust and confidence by consistently attending educational seminars, training, and continuing education to deliver the most up-to-date information.

Dr. Jeremy Leung


Dr. Leung received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from University of Alberta Faculty of Dentistry in 1988. Upon completion of his studies he began his private practice in Burnaby, during which time he was attending dentist for two local hospitals’ emergency. Dr. Leung has been practicing in Metrotown area for more than three decades. The diversity in cultures he has had the pleasure of experiencing within his family of patients has allowed him to learn and appreciate the vast array of attributes that bring a smile to people from all walks of life. Dr. Leung invites you to Smile With Us.

Dr. Calvin Tang

Dental Associate

Dr. Tang grew up in the Greater Toronto Area and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Toronto. From educating his patients about dentistry to developing a friendly rapport with them, he makes sure his patients fully understand their treatment and next steps. His dental philosophy involves life-long learning to provide treatment based on current scientific evidence while considering each individual’s needs and preferences. In his free time, Dr. Tang enjoys traveling, trying out new food, and staying active.

Dr. Anu Cheema

Dental Associate

Dr. Anu Cheema received her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the University of British Columbia. She has been practicing general dentistry for over 15 years and believes in being a lifelong learner. Through her warm hearted manner, Dr. Cheema practices with a focus on patient-centered dental care. She is committed to providing gentle, functional, and aesthetic dentistry to all of her patients. Whether you are coming in for a general check up or for treatment, Dr. Cheema looks forward to helping you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Dr. Cheema enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking, and taking dance classes. She is fluent in English and Punjabi.

Dr. Yi Yang


Dr. Yi Yang is a board certified periodontist, fellow of Royal College of Dentist of
Canada. She received her periodontics training from Loma Linda University in USA. Dr. Yang also gained extensive research experience in dentistry after completed her PhD study at the University of British Columbia, where now she is a clinic assistant professor and teaches part time in the faculty of dentistry. Dr. Yang lectures and teaches periodontal continue education course in China where she was trained and worked as an oral surgeon. Her goal of practicing periodontics is to help patients to save their own precious teeth whenever possible, to help patient to regain their chewing function by placing implants to replace the missing teeth, to help patients to maintain their oral health and lovely smile.

Sandy Sull

Office Manager

Sandy obtained her CDA certificate from Douglas College and first joined Metro Pointe Dental as a part-time intern. Fast forward twenty-four years later and she continues to provide patient-centred care with intentional focus on their well-being. She will likely be the first to greet you with a smile at our reception though in her off-hours, she can be found spending time with family and friends, or at the farmers’ markets selling berries from the Sull family farm. Sandy welcomes you to join the extended Metro Pointe Dental family.


At Metro Pointe Dental, we strive to provide the best comfort for our patients with the latest technological equipment available.

Digital Intraoral Radiographs

Intraoral cameras are small hand-held cameras that capture high-resolution images of single teeth or certain areas of the mouth. In addition to the use of monitoring oral conditions, intraoral cameras provide us a way to show patients what our dentists see when they look inside the mouth.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral radiographs, also known as x-rays, assist in the diagnosis of common dental conditions such as decay, infection, fractures, and bone loss. Because we use digital technology, our dentists can manipulate the images by zooming in to see greater detail.

Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue lasers are beneficial in many types of gum surgeries including:

• Tongue-tie
• Periodontal treatment
• Frenectomy
• Gingival sculpting

Laser dentistry can also be used in preparation for dental crowns and veneers.

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic x-rays use an x-ray unit that moves around the head to capture a full mouth view of the upper and lower jaw and temporal mandibular joints. Panoramic images are used in surgical planning, bone evaluation, jaw joint diagnosis, and wisdom teeth evaluations.

Intraoral Scanner

iTero® is an intra-oral scanner that replaces conventional impressions. Thankfully, old-school impressions are no longer the only option. With state-of-the-art technology and the progressive dentist office that’s providing your treatment, making a great first impression with the iTero® scanner has never been easier. The scanner allows your dentist to take a digital impression—a highly accurate, digital 3D image of the individual characteristics of your tooth surfaces and gum tissue. The iTero® scanner is all about keeping you comfortable while delivering precise imagery, without the putty-filled impression tray that makes you gag! Taking a digital scan for your new crown, bridge, or Invisalign® aligners is quick, which allows you to spend less time at the dentist’s office and more time enjoying your new smile!

In-Office Teeth Bleaching

For patients who want whiter teeth fast, our in-office teeth bleaching system can reduce stains in about one hour. Many of our patients choose to continue whitening at home with our custom take-home teeth whitening kit.